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This report representing smart plug socket featured with IOT technology. It is simple power socket which can plug and use. This can be fully controlled through internet and it also have fully detailed and fully featured user interface. Any kind of smart devices (computers, mobile phones) are compatible with this plug socket. This is medium size dimension socket. Maximum number of appliance that can controlled is one at once. Plan to reduce size and increase number of outlets further. Maximum allowed current range 0-5A. This project report is fully detailed about the smart power socket product.

Smart Power socket has different specification when compared with available products in the can used for charging hand held devices, such as tablets or smart phones. Timer function might be help to avoid over charging. It has also capability of monitoring the power usage of the device. Capability of controlling power socket through the internet.

Web Interface and control panel

login page


Simulate Circuit Diagram

Blog Diagram of the connection between Online data base



  • 5A three pin round prongs plug and socket(type D)
  • Central earth pin is 20.6 mm long and has a diameter of 7.1mm
  • compatibility with 220V0240V
  • Switch compatibility with plug typed. partially and unsafe with type C and E,F


IOT is the very popular technology in the world. Using this technology there are lot of home automation system were invented and it won’t stop. There are lot of smart production have introduced to people which increase human life comfortableness. Smart switches are also have made big influence to the people. Nowadays people are highly using smart switches and smart other technologies. I think this smart socket will also help full to people to increase their comfortable life. Also in day to day life with their busy life cycle they made lot of mistakes. Some time they are forgotten switch of the iron, water motors, and heaters due to their busy life. I think for those situations this product will be really help full to people to manage their day to day life in effective manner.

Future Direction

This product could be reduced in size and also can added more power outlet in one socket. Also supposed to include USB power outlet. As well as we are looking for more tiny and attractive production rather than current product. Also we suppose to add calendrer that can on and off ability on particular day. Also it’s need to increase the sensitivity of power socket and also should upgraded to true RMS detector to reduce power recoding error. Also supposed to add voltage sensor. Moreover can be link together more power sockets with one web page.

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